Project team: Rui Duarte, Carlos Franco, Hugo Gomes, André Lopes
Programme: housing, commercial spaces, offices, hotels, new waterfront and leisure
Competition: rewarded project in Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Vision: The port and the city complete itself and this interdependence constitute the base of the work. Solving the urban problems created by the commercial port was the objective of this proposal, defeating the current longitudinal barrier and exploring the initial concept of domesticate and integrating him in the city, punctually, permitting a regulated and perpendicular growth to its margins. From the establishment of an urban mesh, two geometrical sprains established by the place and the utilization of three points of a concentrated commercial port, we generate a tissue that associates the high quota to the low quota as the river to the city, occupied by the urban diversity. The estuary reveals itself as the responsible element to unify the port of Lisbon and all his connections are performed through the water. So, we are able to speak about a city of containers, where own aspect and drawing modify minute to minute, in agreement with the dock activities.




panel 1 

panel 2 

panel 3